Bedroom design ideas for a good night’s rest

Do you feel properly rested in the morning? The chances are you don’t – many of us complain about not getting enough hours’ sleep, or good sleep at least, and still feel drained when we wake up.

If this sounds like you, you’re more than likely suffering from sleep deprivation which is sometimes the result of an inadequate living environment. In short, this means your bedroom could be stopping you from sleeping properly.

As we spend one third of our lives sleeping, our physical and mental health depends greatly on it. If you’re lacking those good quality Zs, it’s time to look at your bedroom design and layout to see if you can make any positive adjustments. Here are some tips that may improve your chances of a good night’s sleep, helping you to wake up feeling refreshed.

Repaint in soothing colours

Bright colours, such as yellow, might be perfect for lighting up dark hallways but are not ideal for your bedroom if you want a restful night’s sleep. A better choice for you would be calming shades of blues or light purples that can help to relax you before bedtime.

To avoid those strong paint smells that might interfere with your sleep, choose a low or zero VOC paint that won’t cause dizziness or headaches.

Buy a new bed and mattress

If you spend hours tossing and turning, it’s likely that you need to get yourself a new mattress and bed. Mattresses need changing regularly. A worn or ageing mattress won’t feel comfortable, so invest in a new one and you could see (or feel) a positive difference. Take a look at the varieties available from the likes of Divan Beds Centre – a new mattress may be all you’re lacking.

Enhance your bedroom with scents

If you’re having trouble sleeping in a neutral smelling room, it might be time for you to enhance it with some new scents. Try spraying your pillow with a calming scent such as lavender, vanilla or jasmine or opt for potpourri. You can also add candles to your room to increase the calming atmosphere – just remember to blow them out before bedtime.

It goes without saying nobody wants to sleep in a bedroom that doesn’t smell attractive, so keep your room clean and free of a musty odour.

Adjust the lighting

It’s difficult to sleep with too much light, which can lead to disrupted nights. If this seems like the case in your bedroom, the first thing you need to do is get yourself a lower wattage of bulb, such as a 40 watt to create a soothing atmosphere instantly. If you have a dimmer switch, all the better.

If outside light is affecting you, install a heavy curtain or blackout blinds to cover your windows. They can help to prevent that morning light from shining through and waking you prematurely, before you’re ready to face the day.

Add happy thoughts to your bedside table

On your bedside table, put a photo of your spouse, children, family or just something that makes you happy and fills you with good vibes. This way, you’ll go to bed with good thoughts and set the next day up with a positive mindset. Consider changing it from time to time because our brains stop noticing things we’re used to seeing every day so it won’t have the same effect after a while.

Follow these simple design tips for your bedroom and watch your sleeping pattern change for the better.