6 Fashionable Trends in Window Treatments


Is it time to update your window treatments? New window treatments are an easy way to give your rooms a makeover. They can enhance the overall décor style or even change it. As with any decorating style, trends in window treatments come and go. Follow one of the new trends to give your rooms an instant facelift.

Organic Blinds

It seems everything’s organic these days, right? Well, this trend has extended to window treatments. Organic shades, typically made from bamboo, offer a sleek profile that’s appropriate for almost any décor style. The blinds allow diffused light into the room and pull up completely to let full sun in.

Bold Contrast

Sometimes you want your window treatments to recede into the background, but sometimes you want them to stand out. In the case of the latter, consider long curtain panels in bold geometric patterning. The patterning can be as simple as oversized black and white stripes. This look complements a neutral-hued colour palette in your décor.

Creative Hardware

It’s possible to upcycle different materials for your curtain rods, such as steel cables or even hockey sticks. However, sometimes the creativity is as simple as changing the shape of the curtain rod. Better Homes and Gardens suggests using a square rod for a contemporary look. A square rod pairs well with geometric curtain panels with narrow tabs.

Colourful Roman Shades

Hanging Roman shades is another way to complement a contemporary room. Roman shades come in an almost limitless variety of colours and patterns. Choose a bold pattern and colour combination to brighten up a space such as a bedroom or a bathroom. Pull the colour into the rest of the room with a few choice accent pieces, such as vases or picture frames.

Classic Plantation Blinds

On the other hand, plantation blinds are a classic choice for any room. Plantation blinds can be custom fitted to your windows or bought in stock sizes. Either way they mount directly to the window frame. Their wide louvers allow for lots of natural sunlight while maintaining your privacy. Plantation blinds also increase the value of your home.

Beautiful Layers

Why limit yourself to a single window treatment when you can have two or three? Layered window treatments work well with large windows and/or single windows. Start with a foundational treatment, either blinds or gauze curtains, depending on the amount of sunlight you want. Pair these with coloured panels. If desired, top the curtain rods with swags or cornices for a more formal look. Otherwise, consider creative tie-backs for a more casual look.

Complete the overall beauty of your room with an on-style window treatment. Contact local professionals for further advice and help with installation on a range of window related areas such as those from online directories such as TrustaTrader for further assistance.